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Schneider Electric’s industrial software business and AVEVA have combined to create a new global leader in engineering and industrial software. For more details click here.
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Wonderware System Platform


Wonderware System Platform

Your Industrial Operating System

In today’s challenging times, you need to drive more performance from your assets, collaborate better and generate more value from your existing automation systems.

Being the leader in Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) technology, the Wonderware brand represents the next step in industrial software design and management — Wonderware System Platform.

Wonderware System Platform acts as your “Industrial Operating System” by providing common services such as; visualization, configuration, deployment, communication, security, data connectivity, data storage and management, people collaboration, and many others. These services allow you to build a single, unified “Plant Model” that logically represents your processes, physical equipment and industrial systems, even legacy systems, making the design and maintenance of these systems more efficient, more flexible and with less risk. The Plant Model also gives essential context to your data, greatly assisting with diagnostics and troubleshooting, as well as providing valuable system documentation throughout the system lifecycle. The Plant Model is unique to the Wonderware System Platform.

The System Platform also provides a high-performance process historian with production history archiving and retrieval, along with an industrial web information server that dramatically simplifies the organization and delivery of operations information to all functions within your organization.

Whatever you do, Wonderware System Platform helps you do it BETTER, FASTER, SAFER, and CHEAPER.



  • 人・情報・プロセスの統合。
  • 共同作業のための人への権限とモチベーション。
  • 運用・適用・プロセスの改変。
  • 運用・適用・標準化の改変。
  • 一貫した高品質の達成。
  • イノベーションと変化の順応性の実現。
  • リスクの軽減。
  • 市場に対する価値/時間の短縮。
  • 高価値の人員の保持。
  • 利益の増加。
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 のサポートによって、産業に必要とされる高可用性とパフォーマンスの性能と結びつけられた『ミッションクリティカル』な新しい標準を提供。


  • 共通プラントモデルの複雑さの軽減。
  • ソフトウェアの配布と保守の遠隔操作。
  • テンプレートの基本、オブジェクト指向の構造を利用したこよによる拡張性と容易な保守。
  • パワフルな役割ベースのセキュリティ・モデル。
  • 『SCADA のために最適化された』ネットワークと通信。
  • 履歴データの収集とトレンド。 
  • Web ベースのレポート機能。
  • マイクロソフト社のRDS (Remote Desktop Services) のサポート。
  • スマートカードの認証のサポート。
  • Hyper-V による高い経済性・安全性・可用性を持つ仮想化システムのサポート。

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