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Substation Automation Configuration


Substation Automation Configuration

Managing a series of substations requires overseeing a complex set of solutions including local and remote user interfaces, engineering configuration tools, integration to legacy IEDs with multiple protocols, hardware and application services.

Substation Automation Configuration and Wonderware System Platform combine all of these elements to simplify your automation projects and most importantly, provides and ensures reduced capital and operations costs, enhanced operational efficiencies, reduced and shorter outages, and improved customer service.

Customers turn to Substation Automation Configuration for automated power management and monitoring, field service protection and line sectionalizing, asset management, fault localizing and other applications to ensure safe, secure and robust operation of your distribution station.

This powerful configuration tool is just one element of our comprehensive solution set for substations which also includes the SCD5200 RTU, a millennium era Station Computing Device (SCD) that is specifically designed for use with substations meeting all IEEE and IEC Surge Withstand requirements and supports the IEC 61850 standards.


Key Benefits

  • Simplify your automation projects
  • Reduce engineering time and costs
  • Provide a consistent approach to design
  • Reduce capital and operational costs
  • Enhance operational efficiencies
  • Reduce and shorten outages
  • Improve customer service

Key Capabilities

  • Manage large collections of ICD files at a central location
  • Intuitive techniques, such as tree-view, list-view, copy and paste, drag and drop, and pulldown/pop-up menus
  • Efficient ICD file management that converts an CID file created by other tools into an ICD file
  • Easy IED configuration of Services, a Data Object Instance (DOI), a Generic Object Oriented Substation Event (GOOSE), a Generic Substation Status Event (GSSE), a Report Control Block, Datasets, Logical Devices, Logical Nodes and Data Types
  • Generate one line diagrams for substations within the design environment
  • Extensible and easily maintained using template-based and object-oriented structures
  • "Optimized for SCADA" network and communication features

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