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Ecosystem Partner Locator


Ecosystem Partner Locator

Welcome to the Schneider Electric Software directory of Ecosystem Partners. The Ecosystem is comprised of the following partner constituents: Distributors, Technology Alliances, Consulting Alliances, Specialist Solutions Provider Partners, Wonderware System Integrator Partners (Endorsed, Certified and Registered SI Partners), Wonderware Solution Partners (OEM/VAR) and Product Partners. These Ecosystem Partners are located in countries across the globe.

Partner Locator Search Instructions

  1. You can search for an Ecosystem Partner using the following search options:
    1. Region
    2. Country
    3. Company Name
    4. Partner Type
    5. Industry Sector
    6. Certification – Product and Associations
    7. Integration Expertise
  2. Select your search option then Click on the Partner Search button below to view the results of your search
  3. If you cannot find the type of Partner or the company you are looking for send your information request to the Partner Ecosystem Program team at

Company Name



Ecosystem Partner Locator Guidance

Partner TypeCompanyCertificationsCityState/ProvinceCountry
Certified System IntegratorACS EngineeringCertified System PlatformSteinberg-DorflAUSTRIA
Certified System Integratore-net engineering network GmbHCertified InTouch, Certified System PlatformTullnAUSTRIA
Registered System IntegratorABF - Industrielle Automation GmbHLinzUAAUSTRIA
Registered System IntegratorBT-Anlagenbau GmbH. & Co. KGGleisdorfAUSTRIA
Registered System IntegratorEDC Anlagentechnik GmbHKonigstettenAUSTRIA
Registered System IntegratorHATEC Automations GesmbHKlagenfurtAUSTRIA
Registered System IntegratorIng. Othmar Moeser ElektroanlagenbauZagersdorf (AT)AUSTRIA
Registered System IntegratorINTECO atec automation GmbHLassnitzhohe AUSTRIA
Registered System IntegratorJöbstel Elektroanlagenbau GmbHGossendorfAUSTRIA
Registered System IntegratorKiendler GmbHSt. GeorgenAUSTRIA
Registered System IntegratorKremsmüller IndustrieanlagenbauSteinhaus bei WelsAUSTRIA
Registered System IntegratorMitterhofer Automatisierungstechnik GmbHMarkt Piesting AUSTRIA
Registered System IntegratorReschreiter Energietechnik GmbHHallwang bei Salzburg AUSTRIA
Registered System IntegratorSOFTwerk Professional Automation GmbHWelsUpper AustriaAUSTRIA
Registered System IntegratorSteka Automation & Anlagen GesmbHGrazStyriaAUSTRIA