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Partner Product Details


Partner Product Details


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Description:CostOS at its core was designed for large Enterprises that want consistency and centralisation of their estimates and estimating data. The developers of CostOS were pioneers in enterprise software development and were amongst the first ones globally to develop Solutions over the Jboss Application Server (Java for Enterprise Software). This fact gives CostOS a very strong footprint and sets its within the very few Estimating Products that can operate and deliver maximum results within a multi user environment. CostOS Enterprise offers some unique capabilities and complies really well with large and very large organization demands: With CostOS Enterprise: Multiple Estimators can work on the same estimate real time and experience true collaboration Roles can be defined for the different Estimators, enabling or restricting them to perform specific tasks. E.g. A junior estimator cannot price items exceeding $1M Flexible report writer enables the users to produce any kind of reports or analytics their organization or management is looking for The central database can be deployed over Oracle 11g, SQL or MySQL Integrated processes can be provided linking the estimate with Project Controls, Accounting , Procurement etc due to webservices technologies Organizations can add as many seats as they want and grow their knowledgebase quickly. A global knowledgebase can be built allowing comparisons between different countries / cities as well as cost optimization in regards to procurement and fabrication locations Consistency in the estimates can be achieved, even from company offices in different countries
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Product Type:Software
Software Application Type: Simulation
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Developed with Wonderware Toolkit: No