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Partner Product Details


Partner Product Details


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OASYS-AM provides a platform for advanced alarm handling not available in DCS and SCADA systems. It actively reduces the quantity of alarms presented to the operator and improves the quality of the alarm messages presented.
Advanced alarm handling techniques modify alarm properties and/or represent condensed alarm displays using model and/or process related alarm relations. OASYS-AM can  be deployed as alarm summary display (advisory) for the operator or can be integrated into the existing control system. Types of advanced alarm handling techniques supported by OASYS-AM include:  
Alarm grouping:
- decrease the amount of information directly presented to the operator, with the aim to increase operator awareness. The information is always at the fingertips of the operator; with one click all grouped (related) alarms are shown. Typically grouping is based on one of the following principles:   
- Repeating alarms for same tag and type
- Trip / incident / state based (for example group all alarms related compressor trip
- Eclipsing: Group LO alarm with LL alarm for same tag
Incident prediction:
- use of (a combination of) early indicators to detect abnormal process- and or equipment and or environment conditions
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Product Type:Software
Software Application Type: Alarm/Data Log Utilities
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Developed with Wonderware Toolkit: No