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Partner Product Details


Partner Product Details


Product Name:

j5 OMS (Operations Management System)

Company:j5 International, Ltd.
Product Version:1.16
The j5 OMS product is a browser based suite of application modules that facilitate communication and collaboration of Operational Tasks between individual operators and the variety of plant systems that they interact with on a daily, weekly or shift basis. The j5 Operations Logbook and j5 Shift Handover modules link directly to plant control systems, historians, CMMS and other plant data storage systems through a variety of methods to facilitate a single application suite for event logging,  shift-to-shift communications and compliance reporting. There are also specific integrations to the Wonderware Historian, IntelaTrac and Wonderware Workflow.
Invensys Product Category:
Product Target Market:
Product Type:Software
Software Application Type: Vertical Application Modules
Supported OS:
Developed with Wonderware Toolkit: No