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Partner Product Details


Partner Product Details


Product Name:

Expertune PID Loop Analyzer & Tuner

Company:ExperTune, Inc.
Product Version:
ExperTune creates award winning PID Analysis and Tuning Software that makes it easy to analyze and tune PID loops in ANY industrial controller. "Savings come from time and material saved ... as well as from higher process efficiencies." Editor, Control. Includes  powerful simulation, modeling, robustness and frequency analysis. Advanced set includes: power spectral density, valve wear analysis,  control loop linearization, pH linearizer, multivariable, and inverse response.
Invensys Product Category:
Product Target Market:
Product Type:Software
Software Application Type: Application Objects, ActiveX, Alarm/Data Log Utilities, Batch, Charting/Trending, Data Analysis, Data Management, Development, Diagnostic/Decision Support, Misc. Connectivity Tools, Motion Control, Process Control, Process Optimization Tools, Quality, Reporting, Simulation, Telephony/Messaging Products, Vertical Application Modules, Visualization
Supported OS:
Developed with Wonderware Toolkit: No