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Partner Product Details


Partner Product Details


Product Name:

MatrikonOPC Server for Honeywell TPS

Company:Matrikon Inc.
Product Version:

The MatrikonOPC Server for Honeywell TPS (TotalPlant Solution) is an OPC compliant Server that enables data interchange between OPC Clients and modules on a Honeywell LCN (Local Control Network). The OPC Server uses Honeywell TPS nodes (GUS nodes, APP nodes, or PHD nodes) as gateways to the LCN.     The MatrikonOPC Server for Honeywell TPS can be installed directly on a TPS node or on a dedicated Windows 2000/Windows XP computer. The OPC Server connects to one or more TPS nodes to access LCN data – the achievable OPC throughput depends on the number of TPS nodes that are available as gateways.     Users can expect the same level of reliability that they have come to know from other MatrikonOPC Servers at a reasonable price.  They can use the MatrikonOPC Server for Honeywell TPS to achieve connectivity to a Honeywell TPS/TDC 3000 DCS for a fraction of the price of other solutions..    Key benefits:  -supports browsing of the DCS for easy tracking of DCS tag changes   -supports DA 3.0, 2, 1.0a   -Connects to multiple TPS nodes for improved throughput and automatic load optimization.   -uses MatrikonOPC driver technology   -Can connect to different types of TPS nodes (GUS, APP, PHD, Experion Engineering Stations   -Can be installed on non-Honeywell hardware with only the TCP proxy installed on Honeywell hardware.   -Supports reading and writing arrays of Booleans, Floats, and Dates.   -Supports item browsing   -Easy wizard-based configuration     Features:  -Tag Browse Capable  -Configurable Time-Out  -Supports Telemetry Scada  -Supports Multiple Data Sources    Device Hardware:  -TDC3000 Gus  -TDC3000 APPnode  -TDC3000 PHD  -Experion Engineering Station    For more information please visit the link below:

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Product Type:Software
Software Application Type: Misc. Connectivity Tools
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Developed with Wonderware Toolkit: No