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Partner Product Details


Partner Product Details


Product Name:

Intelligent Operations Network (ION) System

Company:Apprion, Inc.
Product Version:

Open, Integrated, Secure    Apprion's Intelligent Operations Network (ION) System is a comprehensive industrial wireless application networking system. The ION System provides an open, integrated, secure and scalable system for monitoring, managing, and securing multi-vendor wireless devices and applications.    ION's current version, ION R3, provides comprehensive integration and cohesive management of facilities' wireless infrastructures, including multiple industry-leading wireless devices, wireless data from all devices on the network and all wireless applications. The Apprion ION R3 System equips industrial facilities with a secure, reliable, low-cost way to improve management of users, devices and systems across a large network and plant area, while enhancing plant communications, increasing productivity and satisfying regulatory mandates.    The ION System includes:        * IONosphere - Industrial on-site controller that manages data services, workflow, security, monitoring and maintenance, and 3rd party application integration across wireless plant networks.      * IONizers - Apprion's industrial wireless networking appliance for multi-protocol, multi-vendor wireless sensor networks and device-based systems.

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Product Type:Software
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Developed with Wonderware Toolkit: No