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Partner Product Details


Partner Product Details


Product Name:

Enterprise Events Module

Company:InSource Solutions
Product Version:

EEM is an add on to the standard Wonderware System Platform. This easy-to-use and deploy tool allows engineers to tackle a very common problem in manufacturing automation. The EEM monitors, captures and reports on events. Events are easily defined using triggers which are based on any object attribute exposed in the ArchestrA Galaxy.  This tool has been built using the Wonderware ArchestrA Toolkit, thus ensuring future system compatibility. The EEM also utilizes Microsoft and the Wonderware Historian. Built in reports are provided using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SSRS). User Defined Attributes (UDAs) and custom scripting are also supported if you need to further extend the module.

Invensys Product Category:
Product Target Market:
Product Type:Software
Software Application Type: Application Objects, ActiveX, Alarm/Data Log Utilities, Data Analysis, Data Management, Process Optimization Tools, Reporting
Supported OS:
Developed with Wonderware Toolkit: No