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Partner Product Details


Partner Product Details


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Company:Hartmut Rothmaier
Product Version:

KKS2Tag: A Development Tool for InTouch  KKS2Tag is a powerful tool to automatically generate and maintain tagnames for InTouch applications by means of Excel sheets. It takes advantage of the DBLoad utility which allows a database of tagnames be created externally and loaded into an existing InTouch application. A faster, straight forward, and less error prone process is the result. The benefits are enormous time savings, clarity and flexibility in the administration of the tags.    KKS2Tag manages any number of objects (i.e. motors, sensors, parameters or other entities) repeatedly used in your InTouch application, listed in an Excel sheet. The tagnames to be generated for each type of object are defined in additional template sheets, one for each object type. All Excel sheets are completely user-specific and therefore adaptable to any InTouch application at any time.    KKS2Tag is equally suitable for the professional as for the beginner. The beginner can quickly produce the results of a professional. This tool is able to handle very large applications with an unlimited number of tagnames. KKS2Tag amortizes within a few days.

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Product Type:Software
Software Application Type: Development
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Developed with Wonderware Toolkit: No