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Partner Product Details


Partner Product Details


Product Name:

Gadget Wizards for Wonderware

Company:Software Toolbox
Product Version:
Gadget Wizards for Wonderware is a collection of nearly 100 unique objects that plug into the InTouch WindowMaker development environment as standard InTouch Wizards ready to animate with InTouch tags. Effectively you get more than 100 objects because many of the objects support a number of color or fill styles that make each single object actually be able to function as many more objects. Photo-realistic controls - looks and works like a real control panel!  7 Categories of Wizards Buttons, Lights, Switches, Sliders, Meters, Fills, Panels.  Animated Wizards ready to tie to InTouch Tags. Works with InTouch 7.x, 8.0 and 9.0.  No runtime licenses required for deployment in WindowViewer
Invensys Product Category:
Product Target Market:
Product Type:Software
Software Application Type: Development, Visualization
Supported OS:
Developed with Wonderware Toolkit: No