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Partner Company Details


Partner Company Details




Profile:This division of SEAR GmbH provides the ideal solution to our customers. It fulfills all details – from planning up to maintenance – one stop. Our customer base consists of basic industries, food and beverages industries, chemical industries, water supply and disposal, environmental industries, transportation systems, dockyards and production facilities. Engineering, Construction of plants and service are comprised in our service offerings. MES systems according to international standard ISA S95, process control engineering and complete automatisation in a programmable control system of industrial and builiding systems well as field engineering are part of the engineering. Installation is included in the construction of plants. Single components and systems are set up to one unit and turned over to the constructor. Service and maintenance of complete industrial installations are included in our service offering. Since 2001 we have been developping a fully functional, modular software for the processing industry. The standardisation was effected under the name ISYS®. Due to ISYS® we can automate the process of production and logistics from the corporate planning, followed by the realisation in proccess (goods receipt, production, stock and distribution) up to connection to commercial data processing. More detailed informations you may find at the ISYS® product homepage. Senior project and site managers, effective assemblers as well as skilled maintenance and service staff are part of this division.

Address:6 Beverly Road 
Country:United States

Contact:Clement Hamer    North American Sales & Support
Web Site: