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Partner Company Details


Partner Company Details




Profile:IPDisplays manufactures a range of IP addressed, web based electronic signage (LED displays and LCD controllers) that can be controlled directly from Wonderware applications like InTouch and Historian (in fact ipdisplays provides a Wonderware object that works with any Wonderware Industrial Application Server 3.0 SP2 or higher). This makes it easy to distribute critical real-time information and alerts to these signs, raising visibility and awareness throughout any process. There is also a software entity that can browse the Wonderware OPC server to pull important information to be disp;ayed on the signage. IPDisplays is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Sales and support in EMEA is provided through the UK.

Address:6913 K. Avenue 
Country:United States

Contact:Kevin Hooks    Business Development
Phone:214 453-3570 ext 200
Web Site: