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Partner Company Details


Partner Company Details



Integration Objects

Profile:Integration Objects is a global company that over the past decade has built and maintained a strong reputation as a leading systems integrator and solutions provider for automation and plant process management, decision support applications, knowledge management and connectivity solutions. We offer highly reliable solutions that allow you to collect data and information from multiple systems connected to the plant and enterprise networks. Our solutions enable companies to optimize their business and manufacturing processes throughout their daily operations and turn data, information and knowledge into operational intelligence. Integration Objects specializes in delivering solutions that monitor plant and supply chain operation performance and identify opportunities for profitability improvement. Our cutting-edge, custom-designed projects, as well as our reliable and affordable connectivity solutions and intelligent operations management platforms, benefit manufacturers in a variety of industries including oil and gas, refining and petrochemicals, chemical, food and beverage, steel and the pharmaceutical industry. Our Skills: Our engineers have documented expertise in many fields in automation and IT technology, including: - Distributed Control Systems (SCADA, HMI, PLC, RTU, Historians, Emergency Shutdown Systems) - Industrial Communication (Fieldbus, Communication Standards & Protocols, Transmission Technologies, Industrial Network Connectivity) - Software Development Technologies (COM/DCOM, OPC, OPC Tunneling, CORBA, XML/SOAP, .NET, ADO .NET, ODBC, Web Technologies, QT, ActiveX, .NET Remoting, SharePoint) - Hardware Consulting Services (Commissioning, Compliance Testing, Product Troubleshooting) OPC Products: OPC Tunneling: Avoid DCOM issues, save time on configuration and maintenance, secure your data and improve network communications with our OPC Tunneling products. OPC Servers: These PC-based software products enable OPC Clients to interface with databases and historians. OPC Clients: Our OPC Clients enable you to interface with any OPC DA, HDA or A&E servers to retrieve real-time and historical data and monitor alarms and events throughout your plant. OPC Development Tools: Our toolkits allow OPC developers to easily implement their own OPC Clients and Servers without needing to deal with the details of OPC specifications.

Address:Imm. Fredj 1er etage Rue du Lac Biwa Les Berges du Lac 

Contact:Samy Achour    Executive Director
Web Site: