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Partner Company Details


Partner Company Details



CSense Systems (Pty) Ltd

Profile:CSense Systems offers a unique troubleshooting product, CSense, and a range of applications built on CSense for the mining and metals industry. The basic offering, Troubleshooter, provides a powerful tool to the process engineer for troubleshooting a process, without requiring modelling or advanced statistical background. The Action Objects (on-line applications) that can subsequently be built on top of CSense deliver quantified benefits in terms of throughput, recovery, grade or quality, equipment lifetime and general troubleshooting of production problems. The users of these applications are typically production managers, process engineers and operators. CSense is used at global market leaders and other prominent clients in this vertical market, such as BHP Billiton, Mittal Steel, Outokumpu, Anglo American, Debeers, Richard’s Bay Minerals, Samancor, Impala Platinum, Lonmin and many other clients in Europe, North America and Southern Africa. Global engineering and equipment companies like Outokumpu Technology and Hatch also makes use of CSense and are global CSense certified Solution Providers. Established in 1998, CSense Systems is a rapidly growing company with offices in Europe and South Africa. The company has strong distributors with solution provider networks in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia. Although it is penetrating various other vertical markets, the mining and metals market remains a cornerstone of its business. The troubleshooting concept of CSense spans the full spectrum of Data to Action, off-line and on-line, with both data-driven and knowledge-driven techniques. The product enables the user to rapidly discover new process knowledge or sources of problems in historical data based on model-based troubleshooting, and as a next step enables the user to consolidate this with existing knowledge, and deploy it as an on-line Action Object interfaced to the plant systems. These Action Objects can take the form of Troubleshooting Dashboards, Mass and Energy Balances, Advisory Actions to operators or process technologists, Advanced Process Control that writes setpoints automatically to the PLCs or DCS, Health Indices and advisory actions to increase equipment lifetime, etc. Typical applications and benefits include: • Improved grade and recovery in minerals processing plants • Reduced anode reject rate in primary aluminium plants • Increased refractory lifetime and tap-block management of water-cooled furnaces • General troubleshooting of pyrometallurgical reactors • Increased throughput in roasters and better temperature stability • Increased recovery and stability of leaching in hydrometallurgical plants • Improved current efficiency and quality in electrorefining and electrowinning • Reduced defect rate in continuous and die casting operations • Reduced defect rate in rolling plants As CSense Systems is confident of the outcome, it offers a pilot project of two weeks to new clients to build a compelling business case on the client’s own data, before further decisions are required.

Address:29 Forbes Reef Road Waterkloof heights
Country:South Africa

Contact:Jacques Ludik    Executive Director (Co-founder)
Web Site: