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Partner Company Details


Partner Company Details



Owl Computing Technologies, Inc.

Profile:Owl Computing Technologies, Inc. is a privately owned & operated US small business. Owl delivers certified and accredited, secure one-way data transfer solutions to transfer and protect sensitive data -- between discrete network domains of varying security levels and policies, physical distance, and network architecture types. Information assurance and network reliability Secured by Owl® is enforced with Owl Computing exclusively licensed and patented DualDiode® Technology. DualDiode transfer systems meet the highest levels of information protection within military, civilian, & intelligence communities, and critical infrastructure sectors, delivering secure reliable, and FAST information transfer of any file size or data type. Through its proven one-way transfer technology, Owl Computing has affirmed its place as the predominant provider of secure cross-domain solutions & secure perimeter defense for today’s mission-critical operations. The Owl Computing vision is to develop secure, enterprise-scale communication architectures for government and process-control networks -- able to grow with the evolving needs of these communities, and to preserve and enforce the stringent security policies in-place today.

Address:38A Grove St. Ste.101 
Country:United States
Region: Asia Pacific, EURA, Global, Latin America, MENA, North America

Contact:Dennis Lanahan
Phone:+1 (203) 894-9342
Web Site: