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Partner Company Details


Partner Company Details




Profile:Fox-IT specializes in cyber defense, IT Security and digital forensics solutions, providing completely secure, easy-to-use and automated products for data transport, interpretation and archiving to dozens of government defense and intelligence agencies, systems integrators and commercial organizations worldwide. Fox-IT offers the Fox DataDiode, a one-way data valve for networks. This allows organizations to enjoy the benefits of business integration while preventing all cyber attacks directed at critical infrastructure. Disruption of industrial control systems in critical infrastructures puts organizations out of business or worse. At the same time, connecting industrial control systems and office networks is necessary for business reasons. A one-way connection by using the Fox DataDiode guarantees protection against attacks while facilitating the availability of industrial control system data in office networks.

Address:Olof Palmestraat 6 Postbus 638, 2600 AP
Country:The Netherlands
Region: EURA

Phone:+31 15 284 7999
Web Site: Fox-IT